Decode image data into any format: gif, jpeg, png, tiff or bmp

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Encode image data to a container: PNG, GIF, BMP, JPEG or TIFF. Uses set of encoders in node and Canvas2D in browser.


npm install image-encode ```js let encode = require('image-encode') // create a file with chess pattern fs.writeFileSync(
Buffer.from(encode([0,0,0,255, 255,255,255,255, 255,255,255,255, 0,0,0,255], [2, 2], 'png'))
) ```


let data = encode(pixels, shape?, format|options?)

Takes input pixels Array/TypedArray/ArrayBuffer/Buffer/ImageData, returns an ArrayBuffer with encoded data in target format, one of png, gif, tif, bmp, jpg. options can provide:
  • format or type, if not specified as a separate argument.
  • shape or width/height, if not defined by pixels or as a separate argument.
  • quality for JPG encoder.
  • colors for palette size in GIF encoder.
  • any other meta fields for encoders.

See also

  • image-pixels − load or save pixel data from/to any source.
  • image-save − save image pixels data to a target.


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