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Get pixel data for a given URL, path, buffer, canvas, image or any other source. Intented for image based tests, first of all.


$ npm install image-pixels ```javascript var pixels = require('image-pixels') // load single source var {data, width, height} = await pixels('lena.png') // load multiple sources in parallel var a, b, c = await pixels.all(
{ source: './b.png', cache: false },
) ```


let {data, width, height} = await pixels(source, options?, cb?)

Loads pixel data from a source based on options. Possibly provide a callback for old-style async calls. Function returns a promise that gets resolved once the source is ready, so that is handy for await call. In browser the result is ImageData object to easily output to context: ```js document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('canvas'))
.putImageData(await pixels('lena.png'))


Type | Meaning ---|--- url, path | Relative/absolute path. data-uri, base64 | String with encoded or raw pixel data. Raw data requires options.shape. Encoded data may require options.type to skip mime type detection. HTMLImageElement, SVGImageElement, HTMLVideoElement, CSSImageValue | DOM/SVG image elements. Image, ImageData, ImageBitmap | Browser image data containers. File, Blob | Encoded image data. Canvas, Context2D | 2D drawing context, browser-only. WebGLContext | GL context, node/browser. Buffer, ArrayBuffer, Uint8Array, Uint8ClampedArray | Raw or encoded pixel data. Raw data requires options.shape. For encoded data options.typeskips mime type detection. Supported formats: png, bmp, gif, jpg. Float32Array, Float64Array, Array, Array of arrays | Float pixel data with values from 0..1 range. Promise | Promise expecting resolution to an image source. ndarray | Ndarray container with pixel data, compatible with get-pixels. options object | If source argument is omitted, it is taken from options.source, useful for pixels.all.


Option | Meaning ---|--- source | Source data, one from the list above. Applicable for multiple sources. shape or width/height | Input raw data shape [width, height]. type/mime | Mime type, optional for raw data to skip detection. clip | Clipping rectangle, [left, top, right, bottom] or {x?, y?, width?, height?}. cache | Cache loaded data for the source/url for faster subsequent fetch.

let list|dict = await pixels.all(list|dict, options?)

Load multiple sources or dict of sources in parallel. options can provide common for every source options. ```js // load font atlas sprite dict var atlas = require('font-atlas')({chars: 'abc', step: 10, 10, shape: 20, 20}) var dict = await pixels({
a: {clip: [0,0,10,10]},
b: {clip: [10,0,10,10]},
c: {clip: [0,10,10,10]}
}, {cache: true, source: atlas}) ```

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