🐣 Incubate your TypeScript declarations

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🐣 indefinitely-typed
For TypeScript declarations that are still ...hatching.

What this does

Copies your folders into the dependee's node_modules/@types/ folder. Because that's where the TypeScript compiler might look for it - see TypeScript Module Resolution.

Why you may need it

DefinitelyTyped is the repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions. Use this tool if:
  • your definitions are "pre-release", lacking tests or incomplete, but you still need to use them in a project.


Let's say that you want to create TypeScript declarations for cool-package.
  1. Create an NPM package for your typings, perhaps name it cool-package-typings.
  1. npm install indefinitely-typed.
  1. Create a folder named cool-package.
  1. Add declaration files in this folder, like index.d.ts.
  1. In the package.json's scripts, add a postinstall script like this:
``` "postinstall": "indefinitely-typed --folder cool-package" ``` Now, when somebody installs cool-package-typings, they will have a node_modules/@types/cool-package folder, readily usable by their TypeScript project.

Multiple packages

If you have multiple packages, add more folder parameters like this: ``` indefinitely-typed --folder folder1 --folder folder2 --folder folder3 ```