webpack plugin to inline all environment variables

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Plugin which replaces all instances of process.env.*** with the environment variable value.


npm install --save-dev inline-environment-variables-webpack-plugin


Inline all environment variables

If you would like to inline all environment variables then you can just instantiate the plugin without passing any config, as in the following example.
var InlineEnvironmentVariablesPlugin = require('inline-environment-variables-webpack-plugin');

var webpackConfig = {
  plugins: [
    new InlineEnvironmentVariablesPlugin()
  // other webpack config ...

Inline only selected environment variables

You can optionally pass a config to select which environment variables you would like to inline.
A config can be either a string an object or an array.
string config
A string config is defined like
new InlineEnvironmentVariablesPlugin('NODE_ENV')
The above config will inline process.env.NODE_ENV with the value of process.env.NODE_ENV at build time
object config
an object config is defined like
new InlineEnvironmentVariablesPlugin({ NODE_ENV: 'production' });

The above config will inline process.env.NODE_ENV with the value specified in the config. So in the above example it would change it to 'production';
array config
and array config is just a list of string and object configs. It would be defined like
new InlineEnvironmentVariablesPlugin([
    NODE_ENV: 'production',
    ONE_MORE: true

Disable warnings

Pass in an object with warnings set to false.
new InlineEnvironmentVariablesPlugin({ NODE_ENV: 'production' }, { warnings: false })