Run-time Autoprefixer for JavaScript style objects

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A small, simple and fast vendor prefixer from JavaScript style object.
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yarn add inline-style-prefixer

If you're still using npm, you may run npm i --save inline-style-prefixer.

Browser Support

It supports all major browsers with the following versions. For other, unsupported browses, we automatically use a fallback.
  • Chrome: 55+
  • Android (Chrome): 55+
  • Android (Stock Browser): 5+
  • Android (UC): 11+
  • Firefox: 52+
  • Safari: 13+
  • iOS (Safari): 13+
  • Opera: 30+
  • Opera (Mini): 12+
  • IE: 11+
  • IE (Mobile): 11+
  • Edge: 12+

It will only add prefixes if a property still needs them in one of the above mentioned versions.
Therefore, e.g. border-radius will not be prefixed at all.
Need to support legacy browser versions?
Don't worry - we got you covered. Check this guide.


import { prefix } from 'inline-style-prefixer'

const style = {
  transition: '200ms all linear',
  boxSizing: 'border-box',
  display: 'flex',
  color: 'blue'

const output = prefix(style)

output === {
  WebkitTransition: '200ms all linear',
  transition: '200ms all linear',
  MozBoxSizing: 'border-box',
  boxSizing: 'border-box',
  display: [ '-webkit-box', '-moz-box', '-ms-flexbox', '-webkit-flex', 'flex' ]
  color: 'blue'

Usage with TypeScript

You can use TypeScript definition from DefinitelyTyped using @types/inline-style-prefixer
yarn add @types/inline-style-prefixer

# alternatively use npm
npm i --save @types/inline-style-prefixer


If you got any issue using this prefixer, please first check the FAQ's. Most cases are already covered and provide a solid solution.


Here are some popular users of this library:

PS: Feel free to add your solution!


Join us on Gitter. We highly appreciate any contribution.
We also love to get feedback.


inline-style-prefixer is licensed under the MIT License.
Documentation is licensed under Creative Common License.
Created with ♥ by @rofrischmann and all contributors.