node.js client for apis maintained at ipstack.com for identification by ip address

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Node.js client for ipstack.com apis
https://ipstack.com/ provides a well documented set of 3 apis to get geolocation information from an ip address. This package provides a node.js client/wrapper around the apis provided by ipstack.


Installing the library with npm
npm i ipstackclient


In order to use the client there are 2 steps first an api key must be created with with an access key from ipstack. To register a key: https://ipstack.com/signup/free. Then one of the ip lookup methods can be used.

Create IpStackClient

The create method takes 2 parameters, the access token and optional ssl boolean (defaults to false). Ssl true only works with premium ipStack accounts.
const ipstack = require('ipstackclient');
const IpStackClient = ipstack.create('YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN', true);

IP lookup functions

The IP lookup functions all return promises. The node ClientRequest object can also be passed to standardLookup instead of an ipAddress string. The algorithm for using the request object looks at the x-forwarded-for header, then the remoteAddress as a backup.
IpStackClient.standardLookup(ClientRequest, options)
  .then(standardLookup => console.log(standardLookup));
IpStackClient.standardLookup('IP_ADDRESS', options)
  .then(standardLookup => console.log(standardLookup));
IpStackClient.bulkLookup(['IP_ADDRESS', 'OTHER_IP_ADDRESS'], options)
  .then(bulkLookup => console.log(bulkLookup));
  .then(requesterLookup => console.log(requesterLookup));
The results will be the parsed json of the corresponding endpoints documented https://ipstack.com/documentation.

Options Object

The options object has 4 optional parameters also documented at ipStack. The output parameter is always json and cannot be overwritten.
  fields: Array<String>,  // defaults undefined this is an array of strings
                          // unlike the csv list from the docs
  hostName: Bool,         // defaults to false
  security: Bool,         // defaults to false
  language: String,       // defaults to 'en'