Detect if the current environment is a CI server configured for a PR build

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Returns true if the current environment is a Continuous Integration server configured to run a PR build.
If PR detection is not supported for the current CI server, the value will be null. Otherwise false.
Please open an issue if your CI server or PR build isn't properly detected :)
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npm install is-pr --save

Programmatic Usage

const isPR = require('is-pr')

if (isPR) {
  console.log('The code is running on a CI server as part of a PR build')

CLI Usage

For CLI usage you need to have the is-pr executable in your PATH. There's a few ways to do that:
  • Either install the module globally using npm install is-pr -g
  • Or add the module as a dependency to your app in which case it can be
used inside your package.json scripts as is
  • Or provide the full path to the executable, e.g.
is-pr && echo "This is a PR build on a CI server"

Supported CI tools

Refer to ci-info docs for all supported CI's