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ISO Country Codes - a little javascript helper
This library is a javascript version of the dataset originally published by Andrew Patton. This dataset merges information from ISO, United Nations and the CIA World Factbook.
By converting the dataset to javascript objects you can access commonly required information (name, currency etc) just using the two letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. Additional methods are available to search for countries by current, name, international telephone dialling prefix, top-level internet domain etc.
It works in both Node.js and the web browser.
Important - needs to be updated with ISO changes from the last few years.


TODO: add package to npm
For use in Node.js:
npm install isocountries
npm install git://
In the browser just copy the file from dist\countries.min.js (skinny) or dist\countries.js (full-fat).


To create distributable files:
npm install
make dist
To run the tests (requires mocha and should):
make test
To run everything
make all


TODO - add once finder methods are complete
See tests for now. Sorry.



Changes to the data

I've included a copy of the source data file isocountry_detailed.txt. If you believe updates are required pleases let me know. If you disagree with the United Nations or ISO on the status or name of a country then you should probably fork your own version (or this repo, not the country).


This library uses the reserved ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 'XX' to represent Worldwide. This might not be for everyone but it was consistent with my personal use cases. I'll probably add a build option to exclude this.


  • Likely to split the browser version into two (regular and light) so that more fields such as population and local names can be included.

  • Provide CSS files for flags