Adds plugins support to jest.

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Adds plugins support to Jest.

Getting Started

Install jest-plugins using yarn:
yarn add --dev jest-plugins


In order to utilize jest-plugins in your project, you must configure the setup to add your custom plugins. If jest-plugins ever is merged into jest, then this will be simpler, until then, follow the instructions below.
First, find your jest config which is either in your package.json or in a top-level file called jest.config.js. Add a key setupTestFrameworkScriptFile and point it to another file at the top-level called jest-plugins.js.
Inside jest-plugins.js, write the following:
  // List all jest-plugins here.

This is requiring each of the plugins and including it automatically in your project. By design, the setupTestFrameworkScriptFile runs after jest and the test environment have been set up which gives plugins the maximum capabilities to modify the environment.
Once installed, run jest to run your tests and plugins should be accessible in your test files.