Repeat test suite multiple times

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Loop tests n times.
Requires jest@23+.


To use jest-watch-repeat, add it to the watchPlugins section of the Jest configuration:
  "jest": {
    "watchPlugins": [
      "jest-watch-repeat", // or
      ["jest-watch-repeat", { "key": "r", "prompt": "repeat test runs." }],
      // options:
      ["jest-watch-repeat", {
        // always repeat, even if some tests failed.
        'always-repeat': true

In watch mode, press r to invoke a prompt and enter number of times you want the tests to be repeated:
Watch Usage
 › Press a to run all tests.
 › Press f to run only failed tests.
 › Press p to filter by a filename regex pattern.
 › Press t to filter by a test name regex pattern.
 › Press q to quit watch mode.
 › Press r to repeat test runs.
 › Press Enter to trigger a test run.

Repeat Mode Usage
 › Press Esc to exit repeat mode.
 › Press Enter to repeat test run n times.
 repeat › 3
Run only failed tests?
 (Y/N) > N