Functions to generate Mixpanel JQL queries

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TypeScript/Javascript functions to help write Mixpanel JQL queries, optionally in a typesafe way.


JQL<T> is a typesafe string containing a JQL query expected to return data of type T from Mixpanel. "Typesafe string" means that for noncompatible types X, Y, a JQL<X> can't be assigned to a JQL<Y>.
To carry the invisible type parameter, it inherits from String. So if you want a primitive string, cast as string. However, it will behave like any normal string when, say, concatenating.
MPEvent and MPPerson are interfaces modeling Mixpanel Event and Person objects, and GroupedEvents<E> is a Mixpanel distinctId and list of events of type E (genericized in case you want to be returning slimmed-down event objects).


import * as jqllib from 'jqllib'
import {JQL, MPEvent, GroupedEvents} from 'jqllib'

// Query for all the Account Created events in a week (inclusive) in July.
const query: JQL<MPEvent[]> = jqllib.baseJql(['2016-07-01', '2016-07-08'],
                                             ['Account Created'])

// Posting to Mixpanel API returns:
// [{name: 'Account Created', distinct_id: 1234, properties: {...}, ...}]

const groupedByUserQuery: JQL<GroupedEvents<MPEvent>[]> = jqllib.groupedJql(['2016-09-01', '2016-09-15'],
                                                                            ['Clicked Button A', 'Clicked Button B'])

    .then(groups => {
        groups.forEach(({distinctId, events}) => {
            console.log(`User ${distinctId} clicked Buttons A/B ${events.length} times`)

// Posting to Mixpanel API returns:
// User 9101 clicked Buttons A/B 3 times
// User 9505 clicked Buttons A/B 5 times
// ...

const peopleQuery: JQL<MPPerson[]> = jqllib.peopleJql(['1', '9fc1e'])

// Posting to Mixpanel API returns:
// [{distinctId: '1', time: 1478883954772, properties: {'$first_name': 'Jose', ...}},
//  {distinctId: '9fc1e', time: 1478893934721, properties: {...}}]


This just gives you strings. To run them, post them to Mixpanel's API as per their docs, or use the (Node-only, currently) jqllib-fetch package.