Triggers 'focusexit' event when keyboard focus has completely left the element. This type of behaviour is especially desirable for non-modal overlays.

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Triggers 'focusExit' event when keyboard focus moves to a non-descendant of widget. This type of behaviour is especially desirable for non-modal overlays.
JavaScript's native 'focusout' event fires when any descendant of a given element loses keyboard focus, even if another descendant immediately gains focus. This type of behaviour is not desirable for non-modal overlays.
// init plugin

// handle event
$(collection).on('focusExit', function(e, data) {
    console.log(data.lostFocus, data.gainedFocus);


npm install jquery-focus-exit


Run npm start to run the demo page using browser-sync. Run npm run tdd for test driven development. All tests are located in test.js.
Useful NPM scripts:
  • npm start runs demo page on local server and re-syncs browser on source file change
  • npm test runs tests & generates reports (see reports section below)
  • npm run tdd test driven development: watches code and re-tests after any change
  • npm run lint lints code and reports to jshint.txt
  • npm run build cleans, lints, tests and minifies (called on npm prepublish hook)

Execute npm run to view all available CLI scripts.


Each test run will generate the following reports:
  • /test_reports/coverage contains Istanbul code coverage report
  • /test_reports/html contains HTML test report
  • /test_reports/junit contains JUnit test report

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