A jQuery Plugin to make masks on form fields and html elements.

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jQuery Mask Plugin
A jQuery Plugin to make masks on form fields and HTML elements.
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Lightweight (~2kb minified, ~1kb gziped). Built-in support for dynamically added elements. Masks on any HTML element (no need to server-side mask anymore!)! HTML notation support (data-mask, data-mask-recursive, data-mask-clearifnotmatch). String/Numeric/Alpha/Mixed masks. Reverse mask support for masks on numeric fields. Sanitization. Optional digits. Recursive Digits. Fallback Digits. Advanced mask initialization. Advanced Callbacks. On-the-fly mask change. Mask removal. Full customization. Compatibility with React/UMD/Zepto.js/Angular.JS. HTML5 placeholder support. Clear the field if it not matches support.

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Install it via Package Managers


bower install jquery-mask-plugin


npm i jquery-mask-plugin


meteor add igorescobar:jquery-mask-plugin


composer require igorescobar/jquery-mask-plugin







gem 'jquery_mask_rails' # more details at http://bit.ly/jquery-mask-gem



Masks with jQuery Mask Plugin Using jQuery Mask Plugin With Zepto.js


Mascaras com JQuery Mask Plugin Mascara Javascript para os novos telefones de São Paulo

Fun (or not) facts

I’ve had the chance to troll Donald Trump. But I didn’t.


jQuery Mask Plugin has been tested with jQuery 1.7+ on all major browsers:
Firefox 2+ (Win, Mac, Linux); IE7+ (Win); Chrome 6+ (Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone); Safari 3.2+ (Win, Mac, iPhone); Opera 8+ (Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone). Android Default Browser v4+

Typescript support

Definition can be found here.
To install, open terminal and navigate to your working directory.

Typescript 1.x users

Install typings by running npm install typings --global. Then install the definition by running typings install dt~jquery-mask-plugin --global --save.

Typescript 2.x users

Use npm npm install --save-dev @types/jquery-mask-plugin.
For configuration options and troubleshooting refer to these repositories:

Problems or Questions?

Before opening a new issue take a look on those frequently asked questions:

How to integrate with React.js?

How to integrate with Angular.js?

How to integrate with Vue.js?

Problems with old versions of Android keyboard

Negative numbers, or currency related problems

Prefix or sufix on the Mask

Add validation?

Field type number, email not working?

Want to keep the placeholder as the user types?

E-mail mask?


Did you read our docs? Yes? Cool! So now... make sure that you have a functional jsfiddle exemplifying your problem and open an issue for us. Don't know how to do it? Use this fiddle example.


Bug Reporting: Yes! You can contribute opening issues! Documenting: Do you think that something in our docs should be better? Do you have a cool idea to increase the awesomeness? Summit your pull request with your idea! Bug Fixing: No time to lose? Fix it and help others! Write some tests to make sure that everything are working propertly. Improving: Open an issue and lets discuss it. Just to make sure that you're on the right track. Sharing: Yes! Have we saved some of your time? Are you enjoying our mask plugin? Sharing is caring! Tweet it! Facebook it! Linkedin It(?!) :D Donating: Hey, now that you don't need to worry about masks again... buy me a coffee, beer or a PlayStation 4 (Xbox One also accepted!) :o)

Unit Tests

We use QUnit and GruntJS. To run our test suit is just run: ``grunt test` in your console or you can open those `test-for*.html` files inside of our `test/`` folder.
In case you're familiar with Docker here is how you can use it:
docker build -t jquery-mask .
CONTAINER_ID=$(docker run -d -v $PWD:/app/jquery-mask-plugin jquery-mask)
docker exec $CONTAINER_ID sh -c "npm install"
docker exec -it $CONTAINER_ID /bin/bash
grunt test


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