A jQuery plugin that adds custom scroll start and scroll stop events.

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This plugin fires two events on window when scrolling starts and stops: scrollstart and scrollstop.


The example shows a small box in the upper left that says "SCROLLING" and colors the body different colors when scrolling: http://ssorallen.com/jquery-scrollstop/


scrollstart fires after the first scroll event and won't fire again until after a scrollstop event is fired.
scrollstop fires after no scroll events have fired for 250 milliseconds.
  .on("scrollstart", function() {
    // Paint the world yellow when scrolling starts.
    $(document.body).css({background: "yellow"});
  .on("scrollstop", function() {
    // Paint it all green when scrolling stops.
    $(document.body).css({background: "green"});



latency is the minimum time between the last scroll event and when the scrollstop event fires. Set $.event.special.scrollstop.latency to the desired number of milliseconds (default: 250).
// Configure time between final scroll event and
// `scrollstop` event to 650ms (default is 250ms).
$.event.special.scrollstop.latency = 650;
latency per element
Latency can be configured per-element by passing options when the event listener is bound. If multiple event listeners are bound to the same element, only the data from the first event listener will set the configuration.
// Configure latency to 650ms for #scrolling-div
$("#scrolling-div").on("scrollstop", {latency: 650}, function() { ... });

jQuery Version Support

The plugin is tested in jQuery 1.2.3+ and jQuery 2.0.3+.


Originally code taken from James Padolsey's blog: http://james.padolsey.com/javascript/special-scroll-events-for-jquery/