The simple, configurable, dynamic postal address form plugin.

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The simple, configurable, dynamic postal address field plugin.


This plugin helps you enhance user experience and data quality on your address (shipping/PO) forms by dynamically...
  • Updating field labels (e.g. "ZIP code" vs. "Postcode"),
  • Adding or removing fields that are irrelevant (e.g. countries that do not have
a postal code system),
  • Converting fields between select lists and text fields (e.g. US States vs.
counties in the UK),
  • Updating select options (e.g. US states vs. Canadian provinces)
  • Updating field order (e.g. city, state, zip for US, different elsewhere),
  • Validating fields on a field-by-field basis (e.g. between various
postal code standards--depends on jQuery.validate),
  • Providing placeholder text for configured fields (helpful when validating

Installation and usage

Include the script after your jQuery include (unless you're packaging scripts in some other magical way):
<script src="/path/to/jquery.js"></script>
<!-- Optionally, install jquery validation to handle field validation. -->
<script src="/path/to/jquery.validate.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jquery.addressfield.js"></script>

Also available on NPM, for browserified builds.
Install into node_modules:
$ npm install jquery.addressfield

In your application module;
var $ = require('jquery');


Basic usage

Using jquery.addressfield is easy! Instantiate the plugin against a form or form wrapper with a few special configuration keys and the plugin takes care of the rest:
// If jquery.validate is in use, instantiate it here with your options:
$('#my-address-form').validate({/* ... */});

// Instantiate jquery.addressfield with your configs:
  json: '/path/to/addressfield.json',
  fields: {
    country: 'select#country-field',
    administrativearea: '.state',
    postalcode: '.zipcode'

Where json is a path to addressfield.json (packaged with this plugin) or any endpoint serving JSON in the same configuration schema. And where fields is an object mapping xNAL field names to jQuery selectors of form field elements that correspond. At a bare minimum, the country field is required.
Once instantiated, this plugin binds a change handler to the country element. The change handler will trigger a mutation process on the form that handles all of the features outlined above based on the configuration provided in the json key.

Expected markup

Note that this plugin makes certain assumptions about the structure of your form markup. Please be sure to see the usage and configuration guide for complete details.

Detailed documentation

More detailed, topic-based documentation on usage and configuration options is available here below.


Check out the Contributing guidelines