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<h1 align="center">js-abbreviation-number</h1>
<p align="center">Abbreviate numbers in javascript</p>
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npm install js-abbreviation-number



import { abbreviateNumber } from "js-abbreviation-number";

const num = abbreviateNumber(1000, 1); // expected 1.0k

const num = abbreviateNumber(12, 0); // expected 12

const num = abbreviateNumber(1100, 2); // expected 1.10k

const num = abbreviateNumber(1100, 2, {padding: false}); // expected 1.1k

const num = abbreviateNumber(1234.56, 2); // expected 1.23k

const num = abbreviateNumber(1234, 1, {symbols: ['', 'kg']}); // expected 1.2kg

const num = abbreviateNumber(1234567, 1, {symbols: ['', 'kg']}); // expected 1234.5kg

abbreviateNumber(num: number, digit?: number, options?: {symbols?: string[]; padding: boolean}): string
digit is optional (unless you need to specify the options object). It defaults to 1.
The options object is optional too:
  • symbols can be an array of units, defaulting to ["", "k", "M", "G", "T", "P", "E"].
  • padding determines whether to keep the exact number of digits or to drop trailing zeroes.


import { unabbreviateNumber } from "js-abbreviation-number";

const num = unabbreviateNumber("-25"); // expected -25

const num = unabbreviateNumber("-1.3k"); // expected -1300

const num = unabbreviateNumber("1.123456k"); // expected 1123.456

const num = unabbreviateNumber("666kilo", ["", "kilo", "Mega"]); // expected 666000

unabbreviateNumber(num: string, symbols?: string[]): number
symbols is optional that can be an array of units, defaulting to ["", "k", "M", "G", "T", "P", "E"].


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