Default template used by js-comments and helper-apidocs for generating API docs.

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Default template used by js-comments and helper-apidocs for generating API docs.


Install with npm:
$ npm install --save js-comments-template


The comment template creates a comment section in a markdown document, with any or all of the following sub-sections (sub-sections only render if defined in the comment):
  • heading: section title/heading, linked to the actual code on GitHub associated with the comment. Heading can be set explicity with a @name tag.
  • params: A list of parameters and descriptions, defined with the @param tag.
  • examples: gfm formatted code blocks, defined in a block comment using gfm syntax.
  • returns: a return statement, defined with the @return tag
  • events: any events emitted, defined with the @emits tag


Rendered markdown


Returns true if a plugin has already been registered on an instance. This is optionally used by plugin implementors to prevent plugins from being called on an instanced more than once.
  • emits: plugin with registered and the name of the plugin as arguments.

  • name {String}: The plugin name.
  • returns {Boolean}: Returns true when a plugin is already registered.

var base = new Base();
base.use(function(app) {
  if (app.isRegistered('myPlugin')) {
  // do stuff

Live examples

Thousands of projects use this template. Here are a few examples:
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  • base-pipeline: base-methods plugin that adds pipeline and plugin methods for dynamically composing streaming plugin pipelines. | homepage
  • base-plugins: Upgrade's plugin support in base applications to allow plugins to be called any time after… more | homepage
  • base-store: Plugin for getting and persisting config values with your base-methods application. Adds a 'store' object… more | homepage
  • base-tasks: base-methods plugin that provides a very thin wrapper around https://github.com/jonschlinkert/composer for adding task methods to… more | homepage
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  • scaffold: Conventions and API for creating declarative configuration objects for project scaffolds - similar in format… more | homepage


Related projects


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Building docs

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Running tests

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