A simple utility to access nested JSON object properties, including arrays. Inspired by Immutable API methods like hasIn and getIn.

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js-object-util =============== A simple static utility class to access nested JSON object properties. Inspired by Immutable API methods like hasIn, getIn and setIn.


The package is available at npmjs, so all you need to do to install it is to tell npm that you want it: npm install js-object-util You can find linkes to try it online etc at https://www.npmjs.com/package/js-object-util


var objectUtil = require('js-object-util');
// Some deeply nested JSON example input:
var book = {
publisher: {
name: "dpunkt",
address: {
city: "Heidelberg",
plz: 69123
title : "React",
year: 2015,
properties: {
includes_ebook: false,
whatever: null,
dunno: undefined
readers: [
type: "user",
name: "Johnny",
age: 32,
nickname: null
type: "user",
name: "Brad",
age: 13,
nickname: "Bratze"
// Let's go. Checking for properties:
var keyExists;
keyExists = objectUtil.hasIn(book, ['publisher', 'address', 'city']);		// true
keyExists = objectUtil.hasIn(book, ['publisher', 'address', 'notthere']);	// false
// Retrieving properties:
var value;
value = ObjectUtil.getIn(book, ['year']);							// 2015
value = objectUtil.getIn(book, ['readers', 1, 'name']);			// Brad
value = objectUtil.getIn(book, ['readers', 5, 'notthere'], null);			// null
// Setting properties:
var new_book;
new_book = ObjectUtil.setIn(book, ['readers', 2, 'name'], 'Dan');
new_book = ObjectUtil.setIn(new_book, ['readers', 2, 'age'], 14);
See the tests for more examples.  


Unit tests using jest are included. They also show code coverage. Tun run them:
npm test

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The repo is at: https://github.com/dfsp-spirit/js-object-util Take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code, also make sure you agree with the license. Then send pull request.