Generate a docSet compatible with the dash app from within a jsDoc template

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Helpers to generate a docSet compatible with the dash application from within a jsDoc template. Requires jsDoc v3.4+


The docSet can be created from the jsdoc template publish function.
// ...
var helper = require('jsdoc/util/templateHelper');
var jsdocDocSet = require('jsdoc-docset');
// ...
exports.publish = function(taffyData, opts, tutorials) {

  // ... template logic

  return jsdocDocSet.createDocSet({
    templateHelper: helper,
    docletHelper: docletHelper,
    opts: opts

The docletHelper can be either an object with a getCategory method that returns all members generated by jsDoc parser for a specific category. It can also be an instance of a docletHelper as defined in the upcoming new jsdoc template: jsdoc-baseline.
Implementation Example: jsdoc-dash-template

DocSet Entries Extractor as a standalone

DocSets's TOC are based on a set of entries. This library provides a class to extract them from jsdoc.
var DocSetEntries = require('jsdoc-docset').Entries;
var entries = new DocSetEntries({
  templateHelper: templateHelper,
  docletHelper: docletHelper

View Helpers

dashAnchor helper

If you want to use your docSet within the dash application, you may want to add "dash anchors" to your html documentation to provide a better navigation. Members of the page will be displayed in the left sidebar. The dashAnchor helper can be used from inside your templates to generate those anchors.