JSON Schema TypeScript definitions with complete inline documentation.

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JSON Schema Typed
JSON Schema TypeScript definitions with complete inline documentation.
NOTE: This library only supports defining schemas. You will need a separate library for data validation.
There are 3 JSON Schema drafts included in this package:
  • draft-07
  • draft-2019-09
  • draft-2020-12


npm install json-schema-typed


  1. Chose which draft you'd like to import.

  • The main package export points to the latest supported stable draft, currently
draft-2020-12. Future releases that point the main package export to a new draft will always incur a bump to the major semantic version.
```ts import { type JSONSchema } from "json-schema-typed"; ```
  • Or you can specify the exact draft you need.
```ts import { type JSONSchema } from "json-schema-typed/draft-2020-12"; ```
  1. Define a schema
import { Format, type JSONSchema } from "json-schema-typed";

const schema: JSONSchema = {
  properties: {
    email: {
      format: Format.Email,
      type: "string",
  type: "object",

// The JSONSchema namespace also provides type-specific narrowed interfaces
const stringSchema: JSONSchema.String = {
  // Only { type: "string" } and common keywords are allowed
  maxLength: 100,
  type: "string",


Version 8.0.0 has breaking changes from the previous release.
  • Now a
pure ESM package.
  • Many exports were renamed. The table below reflects the new export names.
These are considered final and unlikely to change in future releases.
  • The JSONSchema type was changed from an interface to a type which is a
mixed union that allows boolean values in order to properly align with the JSON Schema spec. If you were previously extending the JSONSchema interface, you can access the interface directly with JSONSchema.Interface.
  • The previous main package export pointed to Draft 7. Import it directly if you
need to continue using it: ```ts import { type JSONSchema } from "json-schema-typed/draft-07"; ```

Exports supported in each draft module

| Name | Type | Purpose | | ----------------- | --------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | $schema | string | Draft meta schema URL that can be used with the $schema keyword. | | ContentEncoding | Enum object | String content encoding strategies. | | draft | string | Draft version. | | Format | Enum object | String formats. | | JSONSchema | TypeScript Type | Used to define a JSON Schema. | | keywords | string[] | All the keywords for the imported draft. | | TypeName | Enum object | Simple type names for the type keyword. |


This library follows semantic versioning.