json formatter/viewer/pretty-printer (with jsonTree javascript-library)

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jsonTreeViewer and jsonTree library
The library and the viewer released under the MIT license (LICENSE.txt).


A simple json formatter/viewer based on jsonTree library and app.js framework.
Clone with submodules (including App.js library):
git clone --recursive https://github.com/summerstyle/jsonTreeViewer.git

Online: http://summerstyle.github.io/jsonTreeViewer
  1. Load json: click on "load" button and load a json-string to opened form
  2. Expand/collapse single nodes by click on label (recursively - by click with pressed CTRL/META key)
  3. Expand/collapse all tree nodes by click on "expand all" and "collapse all" buttons
  4. Mark/unmark node labels by click on label with pressed ALT key
  5. Show JSONPath of node by click on label with pressed SHIFT key

jsonTree library (JSON pretty-printer)

A simple lightweight pure-javascript library for drawing tree of json-nodes from json-object. You can get json-object from json-string by JSON.parse(str) method.
Demo: http://summerstyle.github.io/jsonTreeViewer
The library includes only 2 files - libs/jsonTree/jsonTree.js (18 KB) and libs/jsonTree/jsonTree.css (2 KB).
How to use:
<link href="libs/jsonTree/jsonTree.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="libs/jsonTree/jsonTree.js"></script>
// Get DOM-element for inserting json-tree
var wrapper = document.getElementById("wrapper");

// Get json-data by javascript-object
var data = {
    "firstName": "Jonh",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "phones": [

// or from a string by JSON.parse(str) method
var dataStr = '{ "firstName": "Jonh", "lastName": "Smith", "phones": ["123-45-67", "987-65-43"]}';
try {
    var data = JSON.parse(dataStr);
} catch (e) {}

// Create json-tree
var tree = jsonTree.create(data, wrapper);

// Expand all (or selected) child nodes of root (optional)
tree.expand(function(node) {
   return node.childNodes.length < 2 || node.label === 'phoneNumbers';
You can create many trees on one html-page.
The aviable methods of each json tree:
  • loadData(jsonObj) - Fill new data to current json tree
  • appendTo(domEl) - Appends tree to DOM-element (or move it to new place)
  • expand() - Expands all tree nodes (objects or arrays) recursively
  • expand(filterFunc) - Expands only selected (by filter function) child nodes of root element
  • collapse() - Collapses all tree nodes (objects or arrays) recursively