Extended version of the spartan them to a extended JSON resume format to include something else

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Spartan theme for jsonresume npm version
Forked from jsonresume-theme-spartan by Francesco Esposito
This is an extended version of the json resume theme spartan. There was a couple things I didn't like about the original theme and wanted it to support some custom fields in the resume too.
Modified to include certs section.

Getting started

This is a theme for JSON Resume. It is available via npm:
npm install jsonresume-theme-spartan-extended

Exporting resume with the theme

Install the JSONResume cli tool
npm install -g resume-cli

Create export the resume files you need.
# For a html file
resume export --theme spartan-extended resume.html
# For a pdf file
resume export --theme spartan-extended resume.pdf

Check out the examples

Changes to original

  • Contact details

- Made address format better for australian addresses - Made country code automatically resolve to long country name
  • About

- Fixed up some paragraph separation issues with new lines - Updated some styling
  • Experience

- Updated the formating of Job tittles and employment dates - Updated handling of current job status to display "Present" - Automatic calculation of employment length - Styling for employment highlights
  • Education

- Improved handling of present education
  • Skills

- Added optional summary line for skill


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