_Making Animation Simple_

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Just Animate 2
Making Animation Simple
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Main Features

  • Animate a group of things as easily as a single thing
  • Staggering and delays
  • Chainable sequencing
  • Full timeline control \(reverse, pause, cancel, playbackRate, and seek\)
  • Extendable timeline designed to make it simple to use multiple animation engines
  • Built-in tween engine that works with CSS Variables and regular objects alike
  • Plugin for Web Animation API
  • Alternate and repeat a complex series of animations (yo-yo)

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Getting Started

Need help or have ideas?

Join the #just-animate channel on the Animation at Work slack, tweet @notoriousb1t on Twitter, or create an issue on GitHub.


Just Animate is licensed under the MIT license. \(http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT\)

How can I contribute?

  • Make awesome things with Just Animate and send me the link!
  • Create an issue or PR on GitHub
  • Help with this documentation and code examples