A kafka logger for winston

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A kafka transport for winston


var winston = require('winston');

winston.transports.Kafka = require('kafka-logger');

winston.add(winston.transports.Kafka, options);

The Kafka transport currently uses node-kafka-rest-client(). The Kafka transport takes the following options:
  • topic - The Kafka topic to publish to.
  • proxyHost - The Kafka REST Proxy host to publish to.
  • proxyPort - The Kafka REST Proxy port to publish to.
  • properties - Top-level properties that should be added to the JSON object published to the kafka topic; useful if multiple processes use the same topic
  • dateFormats - An object of date formats to use; keys are the names of the keys the format should be added to, values are the names of the formats (useful for cross-language usage of the logs to reduce transforms on the consumers). These formats are: epoch (time in sec since Jan 1, 1970), jsepoch (time in ms since Jan 1, 1970), pyepoch (time in sec since Jan 1, 1970, but floating point with ms resolution), iso (ISO datestring format)


npm install winston kafka-logger


npm test

There is a kafka.js that will talk to kafka if it is running and just
gets skipped if its not running.
To run kafka run zookeeper & kafka with npm run start-zk and
`npm run start-kafka`

MIT Licenced