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NodeJS base cache optimised for medium to large data files.
The cached data is stored in local files honoring a maximum storage capacity.
Files gets evicted following a LRU policy and a minimum TTL policy. A cached entry can only be evicted if it has passed more than TTL milliseconds since it last hit. You can disable the TTL policy by specifying 0 milliseconds, otherswise defaults to one hour.
Entries to be cached can include a "meta" data object for user define metadata that must be stored along the cached entries.
Notes: - the cache is not designed to work for several processes accessing to it at the same time. - setting the same key more than once if the key is already cached will just be ignored.


var cache = new kashmir.Cache('/my/cache/dir', {
  ttl: 1000 * 60 * 60, //  defaults to 1 hour.
  maxSize: 1024 * 1024 * 256 // defaults to 256Mb.

cache.set('mykey', sourceStream, size, meta).then( (cached) => {
  // cached true if the sourceStream could be cached.


cache.get('mykey').then( (cached) => {
  /* returns cached if entry was cached with the following data:
      size: size,
      stream: stream,
      meta: meta