Utility to ensure extract-react-types output can be rendered without errors

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Kind 2 String - a parser for extract-react-types
Kind 2 String is designed to take the data structures output by extract-react-types and convert them to a (useful) string, as well as performing safe traversal through the output of extract-react-types so that trying to display information in your docs does not throw errors.
It exposes a convert method which allows you to ensure the data structure resolves to a string. It also exposes its converter object, allowing you to overwrite converters of your choice, if you wish to perform some other action other than the default string converter.
Default use-case:
import generatedData from './extract-react-type-write-location';
import convert from 'kind2string';

export default () => <div>convert(generatedData)</div>;

Also, if you are handling the kinds in a custom way, it is good to pass the final kind to kind2string, to ensure that you always pass a string to your react components.
For examples of how to use this, the @atlaskit/docs uses this package. A good pattern on how to implement kind2string can be found in the prettyproptypes file.