A simple but flexible proxy middlware for koa2

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koa2-pixie-proxy Build Status
A simple but flexible proxy middlware for koa2. Forked from koa-pixie-proxy due to lack of support for Koa2.


npm i --save koa2-pixie-proxy


const pixie = require('koa2-pixie-proxy');
const Koa = require('koa');
const router = require('koa-router');

const app = new Koa();

var proxy = pixie({host: 'http://example.com'});

// Proxy requests to server/hurp to example.com/durp
app.get('/hurp', proxy('/durp'));

// works with url params as long as they match the url params
// in the request to your server
app.get('some/:param/here/:id', proxy('someother/:param/maybesomethingelse/:id/durp'));

// if you leave out a url it proxies to host + this.url
app.post('/foobar', proxy());

To allow later middleware to modify the response, koa2-pixie-proxy will set response headers, status and body but won't actually send the result to the client. This means you give up nice proxy pipelining, but you can do things like modify the result of a proxy like this:
app.get('/hurp', proxy('/durp'), (ctx) => {
  // add a property to the body already proxied
  ctx.body.beans = 'baz';