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KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization - JavaScript client for kosmos-dubhe-sdk-js-authorization dubhe authorization service This SDK is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:
  • API version: 1.0
  • Package version: 1.0
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.JavascriptClientCodegen
For more information, please visit http://www.billion-byte.com


For Node.js


To publish the library as a npm, please follow the procedure in "Publishing npm packages". Then install it via: ```shell npm install kosmos-dubhe-sdk-js-authorization --save ``` Finally, you need to build the module: ```shell npm run build ```
Local development
To use the library locally without publishing to a remote npm registry, first install the dependencies by changing into the directory containing package.json (and this README). Let's call this JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR. Then run: ```shell npm install ``` Next, link it globally in npm with the following, also from JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR: ```shell npm link ``` To use the link you just defined in your project, switch to the directory you want to use your kosmos-dubhe-sdk-js-authorization from, and run: ```shell npm link /path/to/CLIENTDIR> ``` Finally, you need to build the module: ```shell npm run build ```


If the library is hosted at a git repository, e.g.https://github.com/GITUSERID/GITREPOID then install it via: ```shell
npm install GIT_USER_ID/GIT_REPO_ID --save

For browser

The library also works in the browser environment via npm and browserify. After following the above steps with Node.js and installing browserify with npm install -g browserify, perform the following (assuming main.js is your entry file): ```shell browserify main.js > bundle.js ``` Then include bundle.js in the HTML pages.

Webpack Configuration

Using Webpack you may encounter the following error: "Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module", most certainly you should disable AMD loader. Add/merge the following section to your webpack config: ```javascript module: { rules:
parser: {
amd: false
} ```

Getting Started

Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following JS code: ```javascript var KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization = require('kosmos-dubhe-sdk-js-authorization'); var api = new KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.AccessControllerApi() var usercode = "usercodeexample"; // {String} 用户名 api.fetchAccesses(usercode).then(function(data) { console.log('API called successfully. Returned data: ' + data); }, function(error) { console.error(error); }); ```

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to http://localhost:28800 Class | Method | HTTP request | Description ------------ | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.AccessControllerApi | fetchAccesses
| POST /rest/authorization/access/fetchAccesses | 获取所有权限 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.AccessControllerApi | getAccesses | POST /rest/authorization/access/getAccesses | 获取自身所有权限 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.AccessControllerApi | matchAccess | POST /rest/authorization/access/match/{actionCode}/{usercode} | 验证权限 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.AuthControllerApi | login | POST /auth/authorization/login | 登录接口 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.AuthControllerApi | rDPCheck | POST /auth/authorization/rdpCheck | RDP校验接口 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.ProductControllerApi | fetchProducts | POST /rest/authorization/product/fetchProducts | 获取指定用户产品树权限列表信息 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.ProductControllerApi | getProducts | POST /rest/authorization/product/getProducts | 获取指定用户产品树权限列表信息 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.ProductControllerApi | matchProduct | POST /rest/authorization/product/match/{usercode} | 验证产品树权限 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.ProjectControllerApi | fetchProjects | POST /rest/authorization/project/fetchProjects | 获取指定用户项目权限列表信息 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.ProjectControllerApi | getProjects | POST /rest/authorization/project/getProjects | 获取当前用户项目权限列表信息 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.ProjectControllerApi | matchProject | POST /rest/authorization/project/match/{usercode} | 验证项目权限 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.RdpControllerApi | validateRdp | POST /rest/authorization/rdp/validateRdp | RDP校验接口 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.ReportControllerApi | fetchReports | POST /rest/authorization/report/fetchReports | 获取指定用户产品树权限列表信息 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.SuControllerApi | sudoLogin | POST /rest/authorization/su/sudoLogin | sudoLogin接口 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.SuControllerApi | wxLogin | POST /rest/authorization/su/wxLogin | wxLogin接口 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.SuControllerApi | wxLoginByIdNo | POST /rest/authorization/su/wxLoginByIdNo | wxLogin接口 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.TokenControllerApi | refreshTokenUsingPOST | POST /rest/authorization/token/refresh | 换取TOKEN接口 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.UserControllerApi | current | POST /rest/authorization/user/current | 获取当前用户信息 KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.UserControllerApi | current1 | POST /rest/authorization/user/detail | 获取当前用户详细信息

Documentation for Models

- KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.AuthResponse - KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.GrantedAuthority - KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.IUser - KosmosDubheSdkJsAuthorization.ViewUser

Documentation for Authorization

All endpoints do not require authorization.