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JavaScript LaTeX parser
npm version Build Status License Code Climate Live demo in browser This is a library designed to build abstract syntax trees for LaTeX documents using JavaScript / TypeScript.

⚠ Warning

This project only parses a subset of what can be considered "canonical" LaTeX. As I see it, a full LaTeX parser would be a complete port of the TeX code, and I am not crazy enough to attempt that. Of course, we can still make something that works most of the time. This approach is similar to KaTeX, a Javascript library which focuses on math typesetting. This library focuses more on parsing text mode. If you don't believe parsing LaTeX is necessarily difficult, prepare to be outsmugged:


Download the latest standalone JavaScript file (ES5) or install from NPM: ```sh npm install latex-parser ``` ```js import {latexParser} from "latex-parser"; // tokens :: LaTeX const tokens = latexParser.parse("hello \\authoropt{name}"); ``` See live demo in browser


Pull requests are welcome. If you find a bug or an omission, don't be afraid to open an issue.

History on project

This project used to be a TypeScript fork of the TeXnous project, but after v0.3.0 is modeled after the Haskell LaTeX library HaTeX.


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