Cache requires to be lazy-loaded when needed.

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Cache requires to be lazy-loaded when needed.


Install with npm:
$ npm install --save lazy-cache

Heads up!

It's suprising how many libraries are in the average dependency tree that don't belong there for one reason or another. Either because they were accidentally listed as dependencies instead of devDepedencies, or they are required in a file as variables, but the variable is never actually used (poor linting), and so on. Or because the maintainer made the decision to add the deps, even though they will never (or can't ever) be used by 99.9% of users.
Worse, many libraries like chalk and shelljs actually execute code when require() is called!? (shelljs was modifying the String.prototype, and chalk loops over some objects to dynamically create methods). In other words, they do something like this:
// in the main export of a library, if you do this it will
// automatically modify the String.prototype _globally_, 
// the moment node.js loads the dependency tree = function() {};

// same if you do something like this
// (dont' do this, ever. wrap this kind of code in a function
// and allow implementors to decide when to call it)
while (foo) {
  // do stuff

In any case, just having these libraries in your dependency tree somewhere means that their code will excecute the moment you run your application even if the libraries are never called by your application or any other code anywhere in the tree.
lazy-cache doesn't use any "magic", it uses native, plain-vanilla, tried and true javascript getters to call node's require() system.
Faster, safer code
There main advantage to this, the main is that requires are loaded on demand, so only code that is actually used will ever be loaded. As a result, applications will load faster (sometimes much faster - we've seen load times drop from ~1 second to less than 50 milliseconds).
Moreover, in some cases this also avoids inadvertently loading libraries that execute code or modifies globals, etc.
webpack users
If you use webpack and are experiencing issues with lazy-cache, this is a known bug caused by webpack, not lazy-cache. There is a solution though, you can use unlazy-loader, a webpack loader that fixes the webpack bug.


var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require);

Use as a property on lazy
The module is also added as a property to the lazy function so it can be called without having to call a function first.
var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require);

// `npm install glob`

// glob sync

// glob async
utils.glob('*.js', function (err, files) {

Use as a function
var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require);
var glob = utils('glob');

// `glob` is a now a function that may be called when needed


An alias may be passed as the second argument if you don't want to use the automatically camel-cased variable name.
var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require);

// alias `ansi-yellow` as `yellow`
utils('ansi-yellow', 'yellow');

Dot notation may also be used in the alias to create an object hierarchy.
var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require);
utils('ansi-cyan', 'color.cyan');
utils('ansi-yellow', 'color.yellow');
utils('ansi-magenta', 'color.magenta');

Browserify usage

var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require);
// temporarily re-assign `require` to trick browserify
var fn = require;
require = utils;
// list module dependencies (here, `require` is actually `lazy-cache`)
require = fn; // restore the native `require` function

 * Now you can use glob with the `utils.glob` variable

// sync

// async
utils.glob('*.js', function (err, files) {

Kill switch

To force lazy-cache to immediately invoke all dependencies, do:
process.env.UNLAZY = true;


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Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.


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