A simple Leaflet Plugin to add a geocoding control to your map, powered by the french [BAN](https://adresse.data.gouv.fr/) (Base Adresse Nationale) API. This API only covers French addresses.

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leaflet-geocoder-ban NPM version Leaflet 1.0.0 compatible!
A simple Leaflet Plugin to add a geocoding control to your map, powered by the french BAN (Base Adresse Nationale) API. This API only covers French addresses.
Check the online demos : demo1 and demo2.
You can either:
  • install with npm npm install --save leaflet-geocoder-ban

  • clone the git repository
First, load the leaflet files as usual.
Then, load the two leaflet-geocoder-ban files : the js and the css.
They are located in the src folder and minified versions are provided in the dist folder. You can load them directly in your html page :
<script src="leaflet-geocoder-ban.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="leaflet-geocoder-ban.css">

In your javascript code, create a Leaflet map:
var map = L.map('mapid').setView([45.853459, 2.349312], 6)

L.tileLayer("https://cartodb-basemaps-{s}.global.ssl.fastly.net/light_all/{z}/{x}/{y}.png", {
attribution: 'map attribution'}).addTo(map)

And add the geocoder:
var geocoder = L.geocoderBAN().addTo(map)
You can pass some options to the geocoderBAN() function:
| option | type | default | description |----------------------------|-------------|--------------|-----------------| | position | string | 'topleft' | Control position | | placeholder | string | 'adresse' | Placeholder of the text input | | resultsNumber | integer | 7 | Default number of address results suggested | | collapsed | boolean | true | Initial state of the control, collapsed or expanded | | autofocus | boolean | true | If the initial state of the control is expanded, choose wether the input is autofocused on page load| | serviceUrl | string | 'https://api-adresse.data.gouv.fr/search/' | API of the url | minIntervalBetweenRequests |integer | 250 | delay in milliseconds between two API calls made by the geocoder | | style | string | 'control' | style of the geocoder, either 'control' or 'searchBar'. See the two demos page. |


var options = {
  position: 'topright',
  collapsed: 'false'

var geocoder = L.geocoderBAN(options).addTo(map)
Custom markgeocode function
When you select a result on the geocoder, it calls a default markGeocode function. If you want to call a custom function, override it. It receives as argument the result given by the BAN API as described here
var geocoder = L.geocoderBAN({ collapsed: true }).addTo(map)

geocoder.markGeocode = function (feature) {
  var latlng = [feature.geometry.coordinates[1], feature.geometry.coordinates[0]]
  map.setView(latlng, 14)

  var popup = L.popup()
| method | description | |------------------|-----------------------------| | remove() | removes the geocoder |
Those methods are only available for the 'control' style (and not for the 'searchBar' style):
| method | description | |------------------|-----------------------------| | collapse() | collapses the geocoder | | expand() | expands the geocoder | | toggle() | toggles between expanded and collapsed state |


var geocoder = L.geocoderBAN().addTo(map)

map.on('contextmenu', function () {
Customize the search bar look
Customization of the search bar CSS is available through the searchBar class. For example :
.searchBar {
  border: 1px solid red !important;
  max-width: 500px;