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Next-nearest neighbor searches with sphere-knn, with a Leaflet-friendly API.


var gj = L.geoJson(GEOJSON_DATA);
var nearest = leafletKnn(gj).nearest(L.latLng(38, -78), 5);

using it

wget https://raw.github.com/mapbox/leaflet-knn/master/leaflet-knn.min.js
(or without the .min. if you want more debugging power)
With browserify
npm install leaflet-knn


var index = leafletKnn(layer)

Generates a lookup function from an L.geoJson layer object.
API is the same as the sphere-knn API for the lookup function, but with nice handling for l.latLng

index.nearest(point: L.LatLng or [lon, lat], n, max_distance)

Given a point, find the nearest points to it. If the index contains multi-point features, like lines, polygons, and so on, it returns points in those features and can return more than one point in each feature.

index.nearestLayer(point: L.LatLng or [lon, lat], n, max_distance)

Like nearest, except multiple matches in the same multi-point feature are collapsed, so the array returned has one result per layer.