An npm wrapper for Leaflet Canvas Overlay, by Sumbera https://github.com/Sumbera

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Leaflet Full view Canvas Overlay - straightforward full screen canvas overlay that calls custom user function for drawing. Mostly extracted from here added resize and few other parameters for callback Compare to same data SVG rendering here
   .params({data: points})     // optional add any custom data that will be passed to draw function
	           .drawing(drawingOnCanvas)   // set drawing function
	           .addTo(leafletMap);         // add this layer to leaflet map

//Custom drawing function:
	function drawingOnCanvas(canvasOverlay, params) {
            var ctx = params.canvas.getContext('2d');
            params.options.data.map(function (d, i) {
              // canvas drawing goes here
// parameters passed to custom draw function :
                                    canvas   : <canvas>,
                                    bounds   : <bounds in WGS84>
                                    size     : <view size>,
                                    zoomScale: <zoom scale is  1/resolution>,
                                    zoom     : <current zoom>,
                                    options  : <options passed >
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