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What do you think about the future of VR? Take our survey. LeapJS Logo Welcome to the Leap Motion JavaScript framework. Build Status ```javascript Leap.loop(function(frame){ console.log(frame.hands.length); }); ``` Learn more in the Getting Started Guide, and the API Reference.


Browser: Download the latest leap.js from our CDN. Bower: bower install leapjs Node: npm install leapjs


Visit developer.leapmotion.com/gallery/category/javascript for the latest examples. Some more basic examples have also been included in the examples/ directory.


Plugins are used to modularly extend Leap Webapps with external libraries. Here we use the screenPosition plugin to get the position of the hand as an on-screen cursor. ```javascript Leap.loop({ hand: function(hand){
console.log( hand.screenPosition() );
} }).use('screenPosition'); ```


LeapJS includes the vector math library GL-Matrix for your use and convenience. For example, we can easily compute a dot product. See the example and the gl matrix docs for more info. ```javascript var dot = Leap.vec3.dot(hand.direction, hand.indexFinger.direction); ``` Also visit the wiki for how to make plugins, protocol guide, and other stuff.


Add your name, email, and github account to the CONTRIBUTORS.txt list, thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Contributor License Agreement. Open a Pull Request. If your information is not in the CONTRIBUTORS file, your pull request will not be reviewed. Analytics