Module that manages local npm modules and cross linking

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Fighting the villanous npm link command

Module that manages local npm modules and cross linking. This module was built to solve the problem of linking local modules. In my development, I often segregate independent code into npm modules of their own with a package.json in their respective folders, to enable usage of require statements like: import {variable} from 'mylocalModule'; instead of: import {variable} from '../../../common/modules/myLocalModule';
Running the local-link command in your main project will locate all sub-directories with a package.json file, run npm link at their respective folders, and then npm link all your local modules to the parent application after.


Automated postinstall

` npm install lib-manager --save-dev `
Best way to use this module is to include the local-link command from your app's node_modules\.bin folder as part of your postinstall script in your main package.json, like so:
	    "name": "myModule",  
	    "version": "1.0.0",
	    "description": "README",
	    "main": "index.js",
	    "scripts": {
	        "postinstall": "./node_modules/.bin/local-link",
		"test": ""

Command line utility

` npm install lib-manager -g `
You can run the command line utility by invoking local-link in your parent app directory.


  • recursive-readdir: Get an array of all files in a directory and subdirectories.
  • shelljs: Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js

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Update 0.0.6: Improved cross platform compatibility. Now tested and works for Windows 7+

Update 0.0.7: Removed unnecessary logs