Prebuilt librsvg binding. Parse SVG files and render them as PNG, PDF, SVG, or raw memory buffer images.

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Node.JS Binding for LibRSVG with prebuilt binaries
LibRSVG is a SVG rendering library, which parses SVG files and renders them in various formats. The formats include:
PNG PDF SVG Raw memory buffer image
This repository is fork of with prebuilt binaries. It will be rebased on a regular basis. After spending days on getting the compilation to work under windows, i decided to publish prebuilt binaries of this project.
Currently available binary releases are:
| Node ABI Version | win32(ia32) | win32(x64) | darwin(x64) | linux(ia32) | linux(x64) | |:----------------:|:-----------:|:----------:|:-----------:|:-----------:|:----------:| |67 |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |64 |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |59 |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |57 |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |51 |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |48 |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |47 |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v4.0. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v3.0. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.8. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.7. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.6. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.5. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.4. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.3. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.2. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.1. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:| |electron-v1.0. |:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|:whitecheckmark:|


You have a cool idea/feature/pull request? Great! Currently the prebuilt binaries are generated against librsvg 2.40.16 so if you plan to use features, please consider compability with at least this version, so the builds won't fail and i don't have to rebuild gtk ;)

Basic Usage

Here is a simple example. Look in index.js for more documentation.
var Rsvg = require('librsvg-prebuilt').Rsvg;
var fs = require('fs');

// Create SVG render instance.
var svg = new Rsvg();

// When finishing reading SVG, render and save as PNG image.
svg.on('finish', function() {
  console.log('SVG width: ' + svg.width);
  console.log('SVG height: ' + svg.height);
  fs.writeFile('tiger.png', svg.render({
    format: 'png',
    width: 600,
    height: 400

// Stream SVG file into render instance.

Possible breaking changes

Before v0.6.0 in case of error getBaseURI returned null. Since v0.6.0 possibly breaking change was introduced: now getBaseURI method always returns string. In case of error an empty string is returned, so it might affect user code that relies on strict equality to null.


If you are not using windows, you nees to install the librsvg library first. You can find instructions for different operating systems below. After that, you simply run:
npm install librsvg-prebuilt

Library versions known to work:
LibRSVG 2.40.16+ Cairo 1.8.8+


sudo apt-get install librsvg2-bin

RedHat / OpenSUSE:

sudo yum install librsvg2-bin

Mac OS X:

brew install librsvg

If, after installing LibRSVG through homebrew you are experiencing issues installing this module, try manually exporting the package config with this command:
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/X11/lib/pkgconfig

Then try reinstalling this module. For further information, see this thread


All nessecary files are bundled in the binary