CLI for running license & compliance scans across your dependencies; powered by for your terminal or CI

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License CLI
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A CLI for running license and compliance scans across your dependencies, powered by for your termainal or CI.


Run npm install -g license-cli (requires nodejs and npm on your machine)



If you want to run license-cli on priviate projects, you require a FOSSA account and API token. To get one, register an account at and then navigate to Account Settings > Integrations > API Tokens > Create Token.
Then, run license-cli auth <token> to . This will write to a config file at ~/.fossa_cli_token.


To trigger or lookup scan results for a given project/revision, you can run just cd into a git directory and run license-cli scan and wait. This will automatically tell FOSSA to build, scan and fetch the results of whatever current branch/revision you're on -- provided git is installed on your system.
If you don't have access to your code / git or are working in a unique environment, you can still trigger the same behavior by specifying the --project and optionally a --revision/--branch flag. Use the options below to customize your behavior.
Usage: license-cli scan [options]

output FOSSA license scan status for a given project or revision


  -h, --help             output usage information
  -p, --project [id]     project id or locator to query, defaults to git details of cwd
  -r, --revision [id]    revision id to query; defaults to git details of cwd then latest
  -b, --branch [branch]  branch to default to if no revision is specified
  -t, --token [token]    api token for accessing private projects
  -o, --timeout [ms]     timeout for waiting on build status; defaults to 30m
  -e, --endpoint [url]   custom fossa instance url

Note - license-cli is a client for data from and will not work unless FOSSA is already aware of the repository.

Working with CI

license-cli was made to work great with CI systems. The scan command writes scan summaries to stderr and stdout and uses common exit codes, so you can rely on the output to work out of the box with CI tasks.
If you use a popular CI provider, the FOSSA team already has some pre-written for tasks and plugins:
- TravisCI - - CircleCI - - Jenkins -


This project is licensed under the MIT License and runs regular scans/reports using FOSSA.
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