Generates html licenses file from list of sources (git repos or local files)

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Licenses html generator
Generates an html licenses file from a list of license sources, which can be git repos or local files. For git repos, it makes a shallow clone and automatically gets the license from the readme or license file.
Example sources file
Example generated page


1) Install with npm install -g licenses-html-generator
2) Create a new directory for the script to do its thing in (this is where it will clone any git repos and where the output html file will be)
3) Create a file called sources.json in the new directory that contains a json array of sources:
        "name": "Example 1",
        "uri": ""
        "name": "Example 2",
        "uri": "./local-license-text-file.txt"

4) Run licenses-html-generator /path/to/dir/from/step/2. The html file will be located at ./out/licenses.html


The output can be customized by adding a folder called templates to the directory containing sources.json and adding any of the following files:
head.html - Contents for the head tag
styles.css - CSS that will be inlined. Use .license to style the licenses. This is added in addition to the default styles. To override the default styles use default-styles.css
header.html - Html to go at top of page, above all licenses. Will be contained in a header element.
license-header.html - Html that comes before each license. Put <!--NAME--> where you want the name of the license to go.
license.html - For wrapping the license html. Put <!--LICENSE--> where you want the license html to go.
footer.html - Html for the bottom of the page. Will be contained in a footer element. If you don't want to have "Created with Licenses HTML Generator" at the bottom, create this file.


Released under the MIT License.