AMD Loader with support for combo URL and conditional loading

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AMD Module Loader
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This repository holds the AMD Loader packed with Liferay DXP.
Note that, though it may be used outside of Liferay, it's very unprobable that it can be useful without the extensive support it gets from the server (for module resolution and load).


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install NodeJS >= v10.15.1, if you don't have it yet
  3. Run yarn to install dependencies
  4. Run yarn build to build it
  5. Run yarn test to run tests

This will build the loader in 'build/loader' directory. There will be three versions:
  • loader.js: release version
  • loader-min.js: minified release version
  • loader-debug.js: debug version

How to run the demo?

The default configuration and the demo require a combo loader that is automatically started and listens to port 3000.
  1. Run demo script with yarn demo
  2. Open a browser and load http://localhost:8080
  3. Open the browser console and look for the messages