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Lightrouter =========== Build Status Ultra lightweight javascript router for those that need the most basic simple javascript routing. ```javascript // Initialise the router var router = new LightRouter({ type: 'path', // Default routing type handler: handler, // Handler for string-based route callbacks pathRoot: 'my-app/path', // Base path for your app routes: {
'':                           'home', // Base Url
'users':                      'userIndex',
'users/{id}':                 'userShow',
'users/(.*)':                 function(params) { /* User: params[0] */ },
'users/(?:create|{id}/edit)': function(params) { /* Create/Edit User: */ }
} }); // Route callback handlers var handler = { home: function() { }, userIndex: function() { }, userShow: function(params) { / Show user: / } }; // Run the router; ```


  • Super fast, regexes and objects are only initialized when they need to be.
  • Predictable and easy regex-based, no new syntax to learn.
  • Most routers use :param style syntax which interferes with regexes non-consuming match (?:
  • Node support
  • Support for matching from a base path (see pathRoot).
  • Traditional URL matching and support for hash based routing for single page apps.
  • Fully unit tested.

Adding routes

Routes can be added with the add() method ```javascript router.add(/anywhere-in-url-match\/(\w+)/, function(params) { }); router.add('articles/{id}', function(params) { console.log('loading article ' +; }); router.add('user/{userId}/show', function(params) { console.log('showing user', params.userId); }); ```

Routing Types

Type | Matches Against -------|---------------------------- path | window.location.pathname hash | window.location.hash

Base/Path Root Support

The given pathRoot will be essentially stripped out when matching the routes: ```javascript // Initialise the router var router = new LightRouter({
type: 'path',
path: 'my-app-path/users/1',
pathRoot: 'my-app-path',
routes: {
'users/{id}': function(params) { console.log('showing user',; }
}).run(); ``` API ---

add(string|regex, callback)

Adds a route and calls the callback function if the routing url matches. Callback can be either a string (with use of the handler option) or closure.


Empty's all the routes


Set's the default routing type to either by hash or path


Set's the paths root url (the paths root url will be removed when matching against routes).


Set's the path to match routes against (will default to window.location.pathname)


Set's the hash to match routes against (will default to window.location.hash)


Set's the context to call matched routes under.


Set the object handler for string-based route callbacks.


Get's the url to match routes against (will default to get the url on the default routing type as set in the options or by setType() or for the type if supplied.)

match(route, string|closurecallback)

Attempt to match a one-time route.


Checks the routes against the url and calls the associated route function. Will also return the matched Route object.