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Literally Canvas v0.5.2
Literally Canvas is an extensible, open source (BSD-licensed), HTML5 drawing widget. Its only dependency is React.js.
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Along with the CSS, JS, and image assets, this is all it takes:
<div class="my-drawing"></div>

State of the project

No one is maintaining this project. If you report a bug, the ticket will be a helpful place for discussion, but no one will fix it unless you submit a pull request. Feature requests will likewise be ignored.
Pull requests will be merged promptly if they are basically OK.


Setup: npm install --dev
Watching and serving: gulp dev
Browse to localhost:8080/demo and modify demo/index.html to test code in progress.
To generate a production-ready .js file, run gulp and pull out either lib/js/literallycanvas.js or lib/js/literallycanvas.min.js.