Configuration loader for teams.

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Configuration loader for teams.
npm install --save loadconfig
The goal of this module is to have a configuration that can be loaded from the environment, but also from local settings.
So, if the environment is set to test, the file are loaded (and overrided) in this order:
  1. global.js (this is usually where you will have all your defaults)
  2. local.js (this file is not in Git, it overrides configs only for you)
  3. test.js (base on the environment, it may override the local)
  4. test.local.js (this file, not in Git, allow you to have local configs when in test)

This allow us to have a global config for all the default, a test config that loads the default mocks and that is loaded in CodeShip, and a test.local.js that is used mainly for database and email settings.
Not everybody uses the same database name or credentials in a team, the same email address neither. The local.js allow us to have these configs there.
Ignore the local files!
# in .gitignore
var loadconfig = require('loadconfig');
// loads the config based on `process.env.NODE_ENV`
var config = loadconfig(__dirname + '/config');
// loads the dev config
var config = loadconfig(__dirname + '/config', false, 'dev');
// the 2nd argument is to show debug messages
  • cache is useless, since require caches everything for us already.