Lucene Query Parser for Javascript created using PEG.js

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Lucene Query Parser for JavaScript
This is an implementation of the Lucene Query Parser developed using PEG.js.


A quick example of how to use it: ```javascript var parser = require('lucene-queryparser'); // return the expression tree var results = parser.parse('title:"The Right Way" AND text:go'); console.log(results'left''field'); // title console.log(results'left''term'); // The Right Way console.log(results'operator'); // AND console.log(results'right''field'); // text console.log(results'right''term'); // go ``` A slightly more complicated example: ```javascript var parser = require('lucene-queryparser'); // return the expression tree var results = parser.parse('test AND (foo OR bar)'); console.log(results'left''term'); // test console.log(results'operator'); // AND // the grouped expression in parentheses becomes it's own nested node var rightNode = results'right'; console.log(rightNode'left''term'); // foo console.log(rightNode'operator'); // OR console.log(rightNode'right''term'); // bar ```


On the Command-Line

The library is available as an npm module. To install, run: ``` npm install lucene-queryparser ```

Unit Tests

Unit tests are built with Jasmine.

On the Command-line

To run the unit tests on the command line, using node: ``` npm test ```


The parser is auto-generated from a PEG implementation in Javascript called PEG.js. To test the grammar without using the generated parser, or if you want to modify it, try out PEG.js online. This is a handy way to test an abritrary query and see what the results will be like or debug a problem with the parser for a given piece of data.