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Get MacOS System certificates into Node.js.


Node uses a statically compiled, manually updated, hardcoded listnode.pem of certificate authorities, rather than relying on the system's trust store... Read morenode/4175

This is most of the time ok, but there are cases where you might for example want to use TLS in development with self signed certificates for which you have a root certificate in your local store. Eg: mkcert
This package is intended to fetch Root CAs from MacOS "SystemRootCertificates.keychain" and the user's keychain into Node.js.


  • No internet access is required at all
  • MacOS store is updated automatically (in most modern environments)
  • Manually installed Root certificates are used
  • Enterpise trusted certificates (GPO etc.) are made available too


Install with
npm install --save mac-ca

And then use it as follows:

If called in other operative systems the method will just do nothing.


After require('mac-ca').addToGlobalAgent() MacOs' Root CAs are found, deduplicated and installed to so they are automatically used for all requests with Node.js' https module and any higher-level library like axios, node-fetch or request.
For use in other places, these certificates are also available via .get() method.
let ca = require('mac-ca')
let forge = require('node-forge')

for (let pem of ca.get())

You can also specify the format as follows:
ca.get({ format: ca.Format.der })

Available values for format are:
| Constant | Value | Meaning |---|---:|--- der2.der | 0 | DER-format (binary, Node's Buffer) |der2.pem | 1 | PEM-format (text, Base64-encoded) |der2.txt| 2 | PEM-format plus some info as text |der2.asn1| 3 | ASN.1-parsed certificate | | | Certificate in node-forge format (RSA only)
Other options for get:
  • keychain (defaults to all): it could be all, current or SystemRootCertificates.
  • unique (defaults to true): exclude duplicated certificates found.
  • excludeBundled (defaults to true): exclude certificates found in node.js's tls.rootCertificates.


Uses node-forge and is heavily inspired by Stas Ukolov's win-ca.
See also OpenSSL::Win::Root.