NodeJS library for managing focus mode on your MacOS

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macos-focus-mode 🧘
NodeJS library and CLI for managing focus mode on your MacOS
npm i macos-focus-mode
Important: This library uses MacOS shortcuts functionality under the hood to maintain the focused mode. You should install the shortcut before the first usage. The library has corresponding API method, also you can install the shortcut via CLI

JS usage

Library exports the following methods:
  • enableFocusMode([DURATION_IN_MINUTES])
  • disableFocusMode()
  • installFocusModeShortcut()
  • isFocusModeShortcutInstalled()

We don't install the shortcut automatically to give you more control

CLI usage

  • macos-focus-mode install
  • macos-focus-mode enable
  • macos-focus-mode enable -d 1 - set duration
  • macos-focus-mode enable --silent - suppress output
  • macos-focus-mode disable
  • macos-focus-mode --help