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Markdown Any Decision Records
"Markdown Any Decision Records" (MADR) [ˈmæɾɚ] – decisions that matter [ˈmæɾɚ].

For user documentation, please head to .

Development Hints

  • MADR follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 and documents changes in a following keep a changelog 1.0.0.
  • Issues can be reported at .
  • Suggestions can be contributed via pull requests. MADR offers pre-configured VS Code web environment at Gitpod.
  • Use markdownlint
  • template/ is mirrored to docs/decisions/adr-template.
However, following YAML front matter is added to make it handled properly by the Just the Docs Jekyll Template. ```markdown --- parent: Decisions navorder: 100 title: ADR Template --- ```

How to start Jekyll locally

For rendering the docs directory, Jekyll is needed.
For local development, follow the Jekyll installation instructions
. Installing the latest version of ruby followed by gem install bundler should be enough.
Afterwards, run
bundle install
jekyll serve --livereload

and go to in your browser.
On Windows, using a dockerized environment is recommended:
docker run -p 4000:4000 --rm --volume="C:\git-repositories\\madr\docs":/srv/jekyll jekyll/jekyll:4 jekyll serve

In case you get errors regarding Gemfile.lock, just delete Gemfile.lock and rerun.

Releasing a new version

  1. Update
  2. Update the examples at docs/ and docs/
  3. Update docs/decisions/* with the new template.
  4. Check that the YAML front matter in docs/decisions/ is kept.
  5. Copy .markdownlint.yml to template/.markdownlint.yml
  6. Adapt the version reference in template/
  7. Copy template/ to docs/decisions/
  8. Update package.json, publish to npmjs, create GitHub release.\
Use [release-it]( (do not create a release on GitHub) and [github-release-from-changelog](


This work is dual-licensed under MIT and CC0. You can choose between one of them if you use this work.
SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT OR CC0-1.0