Updated Mail listener library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived.

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mail-listener-next library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived to inbox or when message metadata (e.g. flags) changes externally. Uses IMAP protocol.
mail-listener-next is based on and includes changes and improvements from forks of Mail-listener2.
The changes are:
  • Avoid to process the same email multiple times
  • Fix unread param on empty response
  • Add a restart function to reconnect to imap server
  • Enhanced logging for the new features
  • Pass email object to attachment event
  • Update mime dependency version to ^1.0.0 because mime 2.0.0 package break the API

We are using these libraries: node-imap, mailparser.
Heavily inspired by mail-listener2 & mail-listener2-updated


npm install mail-listener-next
JavaScript Code:
var MailListener = require("mail-listener-next");

var mailListener = new MailListener({
  username: "imap-username",
  password: "imap-password",
  host: "imap-host",
  port: 993, // imap port
  tls: true,
  connTimeout: 10000, // Default by node-imap
  authTimeout: 5000, // Default by node-imap,
  debug: console.log, // Or your custom function with only one incoming argument. Default: null
  tlsOptions: { rejectUnauthorized: false },
  mailbox: "INBOX", // mailbox to monitor
  searchFilter: ["UNSEEN", "FLAGGED"], // the search filter being used after an IDLE notification has been retrieved
  fetchUnreadOnStart: true, // use it only if you want to get all unread email on lib start. Default is `false`,
  mailParserOptions: {streamAttachments: true}, // options to be passed to mailParser lib.
  attachments: true, // download attachments as they are encountered to the project directory
  attachmentOptions: { directory: "attachments/" }, // specify a download directory for attachments
  // to make server respond to other requests you may want
  // to pause for 'fetchingPauseTime' fetching of the email, because it 'hangs' your app
  fetchingPauseThreshold: null, // amount bytes
  fetchingPauseTime: 5000 // ms to pause fetching and process other requests

mailListener.start(); // start listening

// stop listening

mailListener.on("server:connected", function(){

mailListener.on("server:disconnected", function(){

mailListener.on("error", function(err){

mailListener.on("mail", function(mail, seqno, attributes){
  // do something with mail object including attachments
  console.log("emailParsed", mail);
  // mail processing code goes here

mailListener.on("attachment", function(attachment, email){

// it's possible to access imap object from node-imap library for performing additional actions. E.x.
mailListener.imap.move(msguids, mailboxes, function(){})

That's easy!


Attachments can be streamed or buffered. This feature is based on how mailparser handles attachments. Setting attachments: true will download attachments as buffer objects by default to the project directory. A specific download directory may be specified by setting attachmentOptions: { directory: "attachments/"}. Attachments may also be streamed using attachmentOptions: { stream: "true"}. The "attachment" event will be fired every time an attachment is encountered. Refer to the mailparser docs for specifics on how to stream attachments.