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A pixel-aligned point of interest icon set made for cartographers.
This repo only contains the source SVG files. Check out maki website to use an icon editing tool and read detailed design guidelines.


  • Source icons are in the SVG file format.
  • Icons are available in two sizes: 11px x 11px and 15px x 15px.
  • Icons are each a single unified SVG path, with no transforms, groups or strokes.


Maki welcomes contributions from designers who need icons for specific points of interest. Check out the design guidelines before submitting a pull request. Pull requests will only be merged if all tests pass.


Every icon in Maki must pass the automated tests in tests/maki.test.js. These tests check the following:
  • Filename must end with '-11.svg' or '-15.svg'.
  • SVG file cannot contain the following elements: rectangle, circle, ellipse, line, polyline, polygon.
  • SVG file cannot contain transformed groups or paths.
  • Both height and width must equal 11 or 15, and height and width must be equal.
  • Height, width, and viewbox must use pixel units.

For developers

Maki is ready to be used by developers. Install Maki via NPM:
npm install maki --save

The maki module exports two properties: dirname which just points to the directory that contains icons, and then layouts which is an object that can be used to organize and display icons in your app or website. Here's an example usage in Node.js:
var maki = require('maki');

files.forEach(function(fileName, j) {
  maki.layouts.all.forEach(function(icon) {
    fs.readFile(maki.dirname + '/icons/' + icon + '-11.svg', 'utf8', function(err, file) {
      // Read icons as strings in node

Note about branches

The main branch for the Maki project is master. The old version of Maki still exists in the mb-pages branch, which must remain intact because a number of old Mapbox projects depend on files it serves from its www/ directory.