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Mangony Handlebars Helpers


Install mangony-hbs-helpers with
npm install mangony-hbs-helpers --save-dev


Helpers are generated by passing in an instance of Handlebars.

lib.register(handlebars) : Object

  • handlebars Handlebars - An instance of Handlebars.

Both generates an object containing the mangony helpers and registers them with Handlebars automatically.
var handlebars = require('handlebars');
var helpers = require('mangony-hbs-helpers');




This helper cleans up your html block by indenting and deleting spaces and line breaks.
    <div class="test">
        <p>wrapper start</p>
        <p>wrapper end</p>

{{buildPath [string] [string2] goUp=[number]}}

  • string String - First part of a path.
  • string2 String - Second part of a path.
  • goUp Number - You can go specific folders up by defining the hash goUp.

This helper concatenate two strings by adding a /.
{{buildPath "src/templates" "test/file.hbs"}}

{{concat [string] [string2]}}

  • string String - First part of a string.
  • string2 String - Second part of a string.

This helper concatenate two strings.
{{concat "src/templates/test/file" ".hbs"}}

{{debug [context]}}

  • context Object - Log a specific context and display the value of the context.

This helper debugs a passed context.
{{debug this.pagename}}

{{{embeding [path]}}}

  • path String - Path to a file.

This helper embeds the file content.
{{{embeding "my/custom/file.hbs"}}}

{{{#filter [array] by=[value] val=[val] reverse=[boolean]}}}

  • array Array - Array you want to filter.
  • by String - Filter Property.
  • val String - Filter value - optional.
  • reverse Boolean - If you want to reverse the result set it to true.

This helper filters an array after a specific property value.
{{#filter myData by="settings.hide" reverse=true}}
    {{#each this}}
        my filtered content element {{}}

{{#filter myData by="settings.sitemap" val="Category Y"}}
    {{#each this}}
        my filtered content element {{}} for category y.

{{#for [from] [to] [incr]}}

  • from Number - Starting index for the loop.
  • to Number - End index for the loop.
  • incr Number Optional - Increment number for the loop.

This helper provides a for loop which can be used to repeat content.
{{#for 0 2 1}}
    My Custom content 

{{#getData [from] [typeof]}}

  • from String - Id of your type.
  • typeof String - Type of your data object.

This helper allows you to get the whole data object of partials, pages, data or layouts.
{{#getData from="my-custom-partial" typeof="partial"}}
	my data object of the partial like: {{this.filename}} | {{}}

{{getUrl [path]}}

  • path String - Absolute or relative URL path to file.

This helper prints out an URL (http://, https://, mailto:) or the assets prefix.
{{getUrl "my/custom/file.jpg"}} outputs "./my/custom/file.jpg" 
{{getUrl ""}} outputs ""

{{#highlight [type] origin=[boolean] escapeHTML=[boolean]}}

  • type String - Language of code block.
  • origin Boolean - When set to true it returns the highlighted block and the origin one
  • escapeHTML Boolean - Escape HTML when set to true

This helper uses highlight.js to return a syntax highlighted code block.
{{#highlight "hbs"}}
    <div class="test">
        <p>wrapper start</p>
        <p>wrapper end</p>

{{isFirst [idx]}}

  • idx Number - index number.

This helper returns a boolean if the element is the first one in a loop.
{{#each cars}}
    {{#if (isFirst idx)}}
        This is my first item.

{{#ifExists [file]}}

  • file String - Path to file.

This helper returns a boolean if the file exists under the path.
{{#ifExists 'test/my-file.json'}}
    File exists!
    File does not exists!

{{#limit [start] [end] [data]}}

  • start Number - Starting index.
  • end Number - End index.
  • data [Object|Array] - Data object/array which will be iterate.

This helper returns a limited output from your data object.
{{#limit 0 3 data}}
    <li class="item">
        {{> item }}

{{{markdown [filepath] context=[data]}}}

  • filepath String - Path to your markdown file.
  • context Object - Data context which you can use in your markdown file. When nothing provided it falls back to root data object.

This helper renders a markdown file into HTML by using markdown-it, markdown-it-attrs and markdown-it-named-headers.
It supports handlebars syntax in it and highlights code snippets by using higlightjs.
Next to that it provides the root context which is accessible via rootContext.
{{{markdown "dir/"}}}

{{{mdContent [data]}}}

  • data String - Markdown content.

This helper renders a markdown content into HTML by using markdown-it, markdown-it-attrs and markdown-it-named-headers.
{{{mdContent myMarkdownContent}}}

{{#merge [data] with=[obj|string]}}

  • data Object - Data object.
  • with Object|String - JSON string or object which will be merged with data

This helper merges two objects into one to extend the context.
{{#merge this with=data}}
    <li class="item">
        {{> item }}

{{#merge this with='{"custom": "content"}'}}
    <li class="item">
        {{> item }}

{{#deepMerge [data] with=[obj|string] arrayMerge=[String]}}

  • data Object - Data object.
  • with Object|String - JSON string or object which will be merged with data.
  • arrayMerge String - You can define how to merge arrays (overwrite, keep, extend). The default merging strategy combines the arrays by using extend and overwrite at the same time.

This helper merges two objects into one to extend the context by using a deepmerge package.
{{! Default array merging strategy }}
{{#deepMerge this with=data}}
    <li class="item">
        {{> item }}

{{! Keep source array in merge process }}
{{#deepMerge this with=data arrayMerge="keep"}}
    <li class="item">
        {{> item }}

{{! Take second object in merge process }}
{{#deepMerge this with='{"custom": "content"}' arrayMerge="overwrite"}}
    <li class="item">
        {{> item }}

{{! Extend existing source array with items out of second object }}
{{#deepMerge this with='{"custom": "content"}' arrayMerge="extend"}}
    <li class="item">
        {{> item }}

{{now [format]}}

  • format String - Date format you like to get.

This helper displays the date of now and uses moment.js.
Current Time: {{now "Do MMMM YYYY, h:mm:ss a"}}

{{#objToArr [object]}}

  • object Object - Object which gets flattened to an array.

This helper flattens an object to an array.
{{#objToArr pages}}
	{{#each this}}
	    My array element: {{}}

{{#pictureData [pictures] [presets]}}

  • pictures Array - Array of all pictures.
  • presets Array - Array of presets you want to display.

This helper returns an array with the images you provided as parameter. See image-size-export for a simple picture module.
{{#pictureData pictures imagePresets}}
	<div class="doc__image-presets">
		<h2>Image Presets</h2>
		{{#each this}}
			<h3>{{uppercase presetName}}</h3>
			<table class="c-table--zebra" data-css="c-table">
				<thead class="table__head">
				<tr class="table__row is-header">
					<th class="table__headline is-th">Breakpoints</th>
					<th class="table__headline is-th">Width</th>
					<th class="table__headline is-th">Height</th>
				<tbody class="table__body">
				{{#each data}}
					<tr class="table__row">
						<td class="table__cell is-title is-td"> {{this.breakpoint}}</td>
						<td class="table__cell is-td"> {{this.width}}</td>
						<td class="table__cell is-td"> {{this.height}}</td>


This helper returns a random number between 0 - 1000.
<div class="doc__image-presets" id="my-id-{{random}}">

{{#sortArr [arr] [prop] reverse=[boolean]}}

  • arr Array - Array which you want to sort.
  • prop String - String which äÄ'Ä

This helper flattens an object to an array.
{{#sortArr items "settings.sortOrder"}}
	{{#each this}}
	    My sorted array element: {{}}

{{stringify [JSON]}}

  • JSON Object - JSON/JS object.

This helper makes a string out of JSON objects.
{{stringify this.jsOptions}}

{{#times [n]}}

  • n Number - Repeating number.

This helper repeats the content n times.
{{#times 3}}
    My Custom content {{this}}


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