A JavaScript (JS) Map or Similar object polyfill if Map is not available.

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Map Or Similar
Returns a JavaScript Map() or a similar object with the same interface, if Map is not available. Focuses on performance. No dependencies. Made for the browser and nodejs.


npm install map-or-similar --save


var MapOrSimilar = require('map-or-similar');

// make a new map or similar object
var myMap = new MapOrSimilar();

// use it like a map
myMap.set('key1', 'value1');
myMap.set({ val: 'complex object as key' }, 'value2');

The following methods and properties are supported identically to Map():
set(key, val)     : Sets a value to a key. Key can be a complex object, array, etc.
get(key)          : Returns the value of a key.
has(key)          : Returns true if the key exists, otherwise false.
delete(key)       : Deletes a key and its value.
forEach(callback) : Invokes callback(val, key, object) once for each key-value pair in insertion order.
size              : Returns the number of keys-value pairs.

Does not support other Map methods or properties.


npm run test


Released under an MIT license.

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